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The C.L.R. James Institute was founded in 1984 with the full authorization of C.L.R. James. It is a project of The C.L.R. James Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation based in New York City.

The Institute is an archive and resource center dedicated to documenting C.L.R. James, the people, circles, and movements with which he was associated, and subjects of relevance to James Studies. The Institute has a mission and underlying philosophy that encompasses much more than James. In addition to the Research and Scholarship functions that resemble the Special Collections division of a research library, the Institute is a community library that provides space for a wide range of gatherings. These include roundtable discussions, media events, book parties, literary readings, etc., which bring together people from many walks of life.

Another function of the Institute is professional networking, and counseling. The most common response we get for our range of activities is that the Institute provides a space, and access to resources, which many people cannot find anywhere else.

We try to respond as fully as we can to the needs of the people in our community. We are always adding new forms of activity and experimenting with informal, human scale ways of organizing.

Welcome to our web site, and please familiarize yourself with our philosophy, our resources, and services.

The Staff

Jim Murray, Director
Ralph Dumain, Librarian/Archivist & Webmaster

One option for contacting us is to sign up on the mailing list, where you can also add any comments or questions you wish. You may also click on Ralph Dumain's name to communicate your interests regarding research, Institute business, or the web site.

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Institutional Affiliations

University of Cambridge, African Studies Centre

We are in the process of negotiating other affiliations.


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Jim Murray, Director
Ralph Dumain, Librarian/Archivist & Webmaster

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